Broad+Liberty: Former Rep. Dent says Pa.’s elections are safe, secure, accurate and fair

For decades, former Congressman Charlie Dent had a front-row seat in observing how our elections were administered. He knows firsthand that Pennsylvania’s elections are safe and secure, with tried-and-tested systems in place that are proven to protect our votes and ensure accuracy in the results.

In a guest column published by Broad+Liberty, Dent writes that regardless of who wins a given election, voters can be confident of the checks and balances in place that guarantee the final count is fair and accurate and reflects the will of the people.

Dent served as a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Pennsylvania’s 15th congressional district in the Lehigh Valley from 2005 to 2018. He is now encouraging voters to learn more about how our elections in Pennsylvania work to ensure their confidence in the system.

Built-in checks and balances include measures like public inspections of voting machines, confirming voter eligibility and identity when casting ballots and bringing in people from all political parties to observe the process in-person. Transparency is key to the process, and is ensured every step of the way.

“My hope is that we can come together on Election Day and trust that the results have been delivered fairly and accurately,” Dent writes.

Visit Broad+Liberty to read his full guest column, “Pennsylvania’s elections are safe, secure, accurate, and fair.”


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