Election Experts Share Tips for PA Voters Submitting Mailed Ballots

How to make sure your mailed ballot counts for the primary election

HARRISBURG, Pa. (April 16, 2024) – Tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians will vote by mail in the April 23 primary election, and election experts working with SecureVotePA are reminding them to follow a handful of simple instructions to avoid minor errors that could potentially disqualify their ballots.

“Voting by mail is safe, secure and convenient, and voters should read the instructions carefully and take their time filling out their ballots to avoid mistakes and ensure their vote counts,” said Jerry Feaser, the former elections director of Dauphin County.

Minor voter errors, like voters writing in their birthdate instead of the current date, or voters forgetting to sign their ballot return envelope, or not sealing the ballot in a privacy envelope or not returning the ballot to the county by 8 p.m. April 23, could lead to a voter’s ballot being rejected. Voters can make sure their vote counts by following the simple directions listed on their mail-in and absentee ballots. If voters have any questions about how to fill out their ballot, they should contact their local county election offices.

In November, the Department of State unveiled redesigned mail-in ballot materials for the 2024 primary election, with the goal of decreasing voter confusion that can lead to completed ballots being rejected. With the new rules in place, election experts want to make sure voters have the information they need to fill out their mail-in ballots correctly.

“We want to be sure every voter understands the process in place and is aware of what needs to be done so every voice is heard on Election Day,” said Jeff Greenburg, a senior adviser on election administration at the Committee of Seventy who also served 13 years as the director of elections in Mercer County.

Whether undated or mistakenly dated mail-in ballots should be counted is currently being litigated. Any ballots with errors must be set aside pending a court decision.

Today is the last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot.

The nonpartisan SecureVotePA coalition is working to promote the integrity of Pennsylvania’s elections while educating voters about the tried-and-tested systems in place to ensure votes are cast fairly and counted correctly.

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