The York Dispatch: Voters can be confident in how elections are run, votes are counted

Two former election directors with nearly 25 years of combined experience on the frontlines of administering elections tell voters that they can be confident in how Pennsylvania’s elections are run and how votes are counted.

“Pennsylvanians should know that our elections are safe and secure, featuring tried-and-tested systems that are proven to protect their vote and ensure accuracy in the results,” Jerry Feaser and Jeff Greenburg wrote in a joint op/ed to The York Dispatch.

Feaser is the former elections director of Dauphin County, where he served for 10 years before retiring. Greenburg is a senior adviser on election administration at the Committee of Seventy. He served 13 years as the director of elections in Mercer County.

With their firsthand experience, Feaser and Greenburg are working to answer voters’ questions about elections and give them a behind-the-scenes look at the many checks and balances in place to safeguard the electoral process.

They describe the tried-and-tested systems that ensure votes are cast fairly and counted correctly; explain the rigorous training that election officials and poll workers receive to familiarize themselves with the elections process, rules and laws; and detail the public certification of votes.

“The bottom line is that Pennsylvania’s elections are safe, secure and accurate,” they write. “By encouraging voters to learn more about how our elections work, our hope is that we can come together and trust that the results have been delivered fairly and accurately.”

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