Working the polls cleared up Jay Schneider’s 2020 suspicions


Transparency is a key part of our election system, and you can witness it for yourself by signing up to be a poll worker or observer. That’s what Jay Schneider did.

According to Votebeat and Spotlight PA, When health concerns this year sidelined the elected judge in Caln Township, near the center of Chester County, he asked Schneider to step up into that role for the Nov. 7 municipal elections. Schneider agreed to do it.

Election officials and poll workers receive training to familiarize themselves with the elections process, rules and laws, and people from both parties are involved in protecting the process.

Becoming a judge of elections required Schneider, a Republican, to go through that comprehensive training from his county’s election department. Rather than viewing from the outside looking in, he saw the process from the inside. And now, he feels confident that the kind of major fraud that was so widely discussed in 2020 just isn’t possible.

After the 2020 presidential election, Schneider had some concerns. But as he has become more familiar with the process and its many built-in checks and balances, that initial distrust has faded. “It’s pretty impressive,” he says.

“That’s a lot of daylight,” Schneider told Votebeat and Spotlight PA. “I think a lot of people in this country have had some questions about the 2020 election, and if they see this, it’s like, ‘Hey man, there’s no way to mess around with this, mess it up.’ I certainly feel like that.”

Read more about Schneider’s experience and learn more about the entire process that gave him more confidence to trust in our elections.


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