Our elections are safe, secure and accurate.

Meet the everyday Pennsylvanians who work to protect your vote and get a behind-the-scenes look at the systems of checks and balances in place to ensure fairness in our elections and accuracy in the results.

About SecureVotePA

We’re working to educate voters on the security and accuracy of Pennsylvania’s elections.

Pennsylvania’s elections work because of tried-and-tested systems that ensure votes are cast fairly and counted correctly. The dedicated friends, neighbors and co-workers who train to run our elections take their responsibilities seriously.

SecureVotePA works to educate voters on Pennsylvania’s election process and inform them about the many built-in processes that protect the integrity of the system and ensure accuracy in the results.

Resources For Voters

Be a Poll Worker in Pa.

Our elections are made possible by thousands of regular citizens serving as poll workers. They’re people in our community — dedicated friends, neighbors and co-workers. You can be a poll worker, too.

Safe, Secure Elections

Pennsylvania’s elections have many built-in processes for verification and review before, during and after a vote is cast, so each of us can trust that our votes are protected and that results are accurate.

Poll Worker Training

Election officials and poll workers receive training to familiarize themselves with the elections process, rules and laws, and people from both parties are involved in protecting the process.


Pennsylvania’s elections are safe, secure and accurate. Show your trust in our elections by joining us as we work to educate voters and build trust in the process. Stay informed by signing up for our newsletter or by sharing your own story so all of us can trust that our votes are protected, and that election results are accurate.